Stainless steel solutions

Our historical brand, INOXVIA, has rapidly asserted itself as a range of essential solutions for town planning. Elegance, safety and durability explain INOXVIA’s success with our varied clientele.

For many years, CITYNOX has supported high street brands and retail chains in their efforts to manage and promote their assets, through extensive programmes for new shops or renovation. Customers for these brands wish to evolve in a world that is intuitive, accessible and aesthetically pleasing, where they can feel at ease. Through dedicated framework programmes, we bring the strengths and creativity of INOXMART to bear in providing for their requirements, indoors as well as outdoors, creating a truly customer-friendly environment.

CITYNOX is more than just a manufacturer – we commit ourselves to architects and, with our dynamism, expertise and passion for using a noble material, contribute to the realisation of great architectural projects. BATINOX makes your dreams come alive by clothing them in stainless steel!

L’haptigraphie, technique exclusive mise au point par Citynox et commercialisée par sa marque HAPTINOX, apporte des solutions de gravure jusque-là irréalisables sur l’inox. Elle offre toute une palette de rendus et finitions, pour tous types de motifs.

Combining the solidity of stainless steel with the transparency of glass, making it unobtrusive and giving an impression of spaciousness, CRYSTALIUM is a brand of contemporary, elegant balustrades that meets the demands of the constructor, complying with all current norms.

Stainless steel combines aesthetics and durability – it offers a remarkable resistance to corrosion, and is extremely popular in the world of marine activities. MATC, the Citynox brand name that has become a byword in marine circle, offers a wide range of accessories for all types of boat.

The “WAY OF LIGHT” water effect, developed by CITYNOX, transforms stainless steel into a living design element, capturing the colors of its surroundings and restoring them to clean and constantly changing shapes. Stainless steel thus becomes a true work of art – trend pop art, kinetic art or impressionist – evolving according to the point of view of the observer.